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Get Creative When Designing Baseball Trading Pins!

You’re a wily veteran of the youth baseball world. You’ve been around the diamond more than once, so you know how important it is to order trading pins early. You’re already discussing your team’s pin design for this season.

So don’t forget the most important thing about your team’s trading pins - don’t be afraid to get creative! When you do, can help you create some fantastic trading pins.

The first part’s easy - think big. If you’ve been around the trading pin scene for any time at all, you’ve seen the simple fact. Bigger pins always trade better than smaller ones.

OK, so you’ve got the big pins. Now what do you want to put on them? Well, gee, let’s see, what says “baseball” really clearly in a way that nobody’s ever thought of before?

Ooh, I know! A pair of crossed baseball bats! With a baseball field for the background! Come on, folks. Those have been done so many times that they’re cliches. You can expect to see them on nearly half the trading pins your players will be trading for.

So what else can you do? What will kick up the trading value of your team’s pins? Plenty! You can use your city’s skyline, the shape of your state or anything else you’d like for a background. Add your team’s mascot. Don’t have a mascot? Create one!

Whether your team is the Hurricanes, Aardvarks, Titans, Crushers or anything else you can name, you can certainly create a mascot. Go for menacing if you want, with gnashing teeth and angry eyes. Or go for funny, a lighthearted approach. Trust us, either one works to boost the trading value of your team’s trading pins.

If you need help, never fear. Our outstanding graphic artists can help you create some wicked cool trading pins that other teams will be lining up to trade for. And yes, we can work magic with crossed bats and baseball diamonds too, if you want. Whatever design your team wants, we’ll be happy to help you create it. And remember, we don’t charge for artwork or revisions, so you can revise until your trading pins are exactly the way you want them.

If you’re ready to create your team’s trading pins for this season, we’re waiting to hear from you. Just give us a call, toll free, at 1.877.870.4950, email us at or fill out our free quote form. No matter if you’re ready to order or if you just want some design input, we’ll be glad to help.

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